HIIG is an insurance holding company based in Houston with assets of more than $1 billion and shareholders’ equity of more than $325 million.

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JM Financial is a leading investment banking firm in India. We offer services like Investment Banking, Equity, Commodity Sales and Trading, Wealth Management, Portfolio Management Services, Asset Management, Alternative Asset Management, Financing and Lending, Housing Finance and Distressed Asset Management Visit our website today!

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What Is the Equity-to-Asset Ratio? -- The Motley Fool — Of equity and assets The balance sheet gets its name because it is the balance between assets and liabilities plus equity. The asset side measures all the resources holding economic value that can



Equity (finance) - WikipediaEquity can be negative if liabilities exceed assets. Shareholders' equity (or stockholders' equity, shareholders' funds, shareholders' capital or similar terms) represents the equity of a company as divided among shareholders of common or preferred stock. Negative shareholders' equity is often referred to as a shareholders' deficit.



Difference Between Equity and Assets: Equity vs Assets — • Equity is a form of ownership in the firm and equity holders are known as the ‘owners’ of the firm and its assets. Equity is commonly obtained by small organizations through the owner’s contributions, and by larger organisations through the issue of shares.